Bericht voor de vrienden van Tarab Ling

Vanuit Tarab Ling is er op 17 maart 2020 een kort verslag verstuurd met wat er met het sponsorgeld van Vrienden van Tarab Ling onlangs gedaan is.

I also would like to thank you and TIH for all the works that you are doing to make the UD kept going here in India.
Here we get young students who wish to avail for studies but do not have the requisite finance to support their studies.
I greatly appreciate your enthusiasm to help us and I definitely will send pictures from my mobile which I took in January this year. This year in January from 6th to 24th, TL conducted module I part 1 and 2. This was attended by 9 Tibetan students from Sarah College, a branch of Tibetan Dialectic school besides 2 Spanish and 3 Indian students. Many of the students have send their feed back which I will send to you after this mail. They really appreciated the training.

Our Indian students continued to stay for module 2 and did self studies on the missing part of module 1 until the end of February.

I would like to thank you and TIH for all your motivating support.

much regards

General Secretary
Tarab Ling Association..”

Een van de “brieven aan de sponsor” van de studenten, lees brief

Tarab Ling teaching jan 2020