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UD module 1 is geaccrediteerd als nascholing voor Mindfulness trainers

Het eerste opleidingsjaar (Module 1) van de opleiding Unity in Duality is geaccrediteerd als nascholing voor Mindfulnesstrainers

Accreditatie wordt gedaan door de Vereniging Mindfullness Based Trainers Nederland, dé beroepsvereniging voor trainers van mindfulness-based programma’s
VMBN leden worden geacht zichzelf te blijven ontwikkelen. Dit kan onder andere door nascholingen te volgen.

In het Mindfulness Register staan de door het register op kwaliteit getoetste en geaccrediteerde nascholingen.

Bericht voor de vrienden van Tarab Ling

Vanuit Tarab Ling is er op 17 maart 2020 een kort verslag verstuurd met wat er met het sponsorgeld van Vrienden van Tarab Ling onlangs gedaan is.

I also would like to thank you and TIH for all the works that you are doing to make the UD kept going here in India.
Here we get young students who wish to avail for studies but do not have the requisite finance to support their studies.
I greatly appreciate your enthusiasm to help us and I definitely will send pictures from my mobile which I took in January this year. This year in January from 6th to 24th, TL conducted module I part 1 and 2. This was attended by 9 Tibetan students from Sarah College, a branch of Tibetan Dialectic school besides 2 Spanish and 3 Indian students. Many of the students have send their feed back which I will send to you after this mail. They really appreciated the training.

Our Indian students continued to stay for module 2 and did self studies on the missing part of module 1 until the end of February.

I would like to thank you and TIH for all your motivating support.

much regards

General Secretary
Tarab Ling Association..”

Een van de “brieven aan de sponsor” van de studenten, [ddownload id=”1485″ style=”link” text=”lees brief”]

Tarab Ling teaching jan 2020

Main teaching building

Bericht van Tarab Ling mei 2017

Dear all,

Many greetings from Tarab Ling. I want to share that the UD training of 4.5 months in collaboration Dalai Lama Institute of Higher Education, University of Mysore has been successfully concluded on 13th may. We had 17 participants from Europe, the US, Tibetans and Indian who participated in this training.

Tarab Ling in collaboration with DLIHE is again organizing the same training in 2018. Please help us in announcing at your respective institutes. Please refer [ddownload id=”821″ style=”link” text=”the attachment”] for details.

Thank you
warm regards
Norbu Wanghuk
General Secretary
Tarab Ling Association

Lene Handberg op Mind and Life Europe 25 aug 2016

Hoofddocente Lene Handberg is uitgenodigd om te spreken op de European Summer Research Institute van Mind&Life, de organisatie die bekend is van de dialogen tussen de Dalai Lama en oosterse en westerse wetenschappers.

De topbijeenkomst heeft dit jaar als thema “Contemplative Training: from Physiological Plasticity to Societal Changes” en vindt plaats in Duitsland van 22-28 augustus.

Lene zal samen met de bekende Zen-leraar Joan Halifax een bijdrage verzorgen.

header-mind-and-life-europe LH JH copy

Nieuwe “Tarab Ling Newsletter” (juni 2016)

Er is een nieuwe “Tarab Ling Newsletter”, die je kunt bekijken/downloaden op de Internationale site.

TL NEWSLETTER 3 2016 ENOnderwerpen:

  • Finishing the building works
  • Beginning of a new UD training , 21st Dec to 30th December
  • UD graduation exam first time at Tarab Ling
  • Retreat: Jan 18th to 29th 2016
  • Supervision of Graduate Paper Writing Feb 14th to 1st March
  • Ven. Prof Samdhong Rinpoche’s visit at Tarab Ling
  • Workshop on Inner Climate and Quest for Environmental Sustainability
  • Letting out the Tarab Ling campus
  • UD RELATED PROGRAM AT TARAB LING Summer 2016 – Spring 2017
  • A brief Description of the courses offered here at Tarab Ling
  • Announcement of the conference on environmental sustainability
  • Friends of Tarab Ling
  • You can help Tarab Ling institute